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About us rtb old

Glanton Heritage Group was formed in 2010 by a small group of villagers who were passionate about retaining the iconic red telephone box. The box was destined to be removed and scrapped by BT following decommissioning. Once the parish council had been persuaded to adopt the box for £1, we could proceed with the complete renovation. It now stands very proudly on the junction of West Turnpike and Front Street.

Whilst the renovation was carried out it occurred to us that rtb new there was no representation concerned with the heritage of this historic Northumberland village. Hence the Glanton Heritage Group.

The group was set up to record, catalogue, research and preserve the heritage of the village and parish. However, the main objective is to enjoy what we do!

Several projects were discussed at inception and in no particular order the following were considered to be worthy of further research.


Publishing the Singin' Hinnies manuscript (Now completed and available for sale)

Crime and punishment in the 1800's

Occupation and census analysis 1841-1911

Shops and businesses in Glanton

World Bird Research Station

Jockeys at Shawdon

If anyone has any information on the above or would like to join us please contact us