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From Sandy Middleton

“ I have been researching my father’s family. In the 1901 Census his mother (Isabella Mitchell) and her mother (Mary) were living at Bretheren Chapel in Glanton. Isabella was unmarried, her first child Andrew was born in Glanton in 1904, followed by Mary-Ann born in Glanton in 1907. My father Robert was born in 1908 (in Alnwick Workhouse) the 1911 Census shows they were all inmates there. We would love to know more and wondered if anyone knew anything about them?
My grandmother, Isabella Mitchell, would have been in her 30’s when she lived in Glanton and her mother, Mary (nee Robinson) in her 60’s. I never knew any of my fathers family, just that he had a very harsh life. I would love to know more.”

If anyone has any information please contact us.

From Harris Pringle

I was wondering if anyone on the parish council has any information about the Red Lion Inn during the 19th Century?  Particularly landlords and their families?
I have information that my ancestors were at the Red Lion in the early 1800's before moving to Eglingham mostly of this based on a book of music we have with a Michael Pringle signature dated 1817 RED Lion Inn Glanton???

Possibly some of council can remember my father Michael Pringle who for the last few years of his life lived at the old blacksmith's shop in Bolton?

If anyone has any information please contact us.